'NHL 16' scores a big win thanks to its boring list of bullet points

Improvement can sometimes be boring. Just look at?NHL 16. This year's game is a colossal step forward, pairing superb on-ice action with far-reaching improvements to the overall experience. But when the Zamboni trundles off of the newly smoothed ice,

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Watch live sports games with the official Fox Sports Go app for Windows Phone

Four Reasons Why Sports Startups Are Scoring Big

When a professional sports team wins a title, it makes the front page of The New York Times. When Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, controversially may (or may not) have deflated some footballs during a crucial game against the Indianapolis Colts,

Investors Swing For The Fences With $1B In Sports Tech Deals

From wearable activity trackers to fantasy e-sports, technology is transforming the way athletes train for the game and fans engage with their teams. With all of this momentum VCs are swinging for the fences.

Apple’s iWatch Could Be The Next Bigs Sports Fashion Accessory

Sports sells gatorade, and sports sells sneakers, and sports sells clothing and hats and TV trays and bottle openers and anything that has enough surface area to hold a logo. But can sports sell the concept of the smartwatch? That’s what Apple?might?find out?beginning in October,?

British Broadcaster BSkyB Invests $7 Million In YouTube Video Network Whistle Sports

Sky is best known as a British satellite broadcaster, but it is increasingly becoming a startup investor after it announced its third deal in a month. The company has ploughed $7 million into Whistle Sports, a YouTube network that is focused on — you guessed it — sports videos for young people.

Sports Illustrated Unveils A New Web Design And A Fantasy Sports App

It’s been a busy few months for Time Inc. Not only has the publishing company spun out from Time Warner, it has also revamped the websites for its publications Time, Money, and Fortune. Now Sports Illustrated is launching a new website, and new products, too.

Do Fantasy Sports Spell The End Of Corruption In Athletics?

Sport is about triumph, passion, pain and belonging. Yet it loses every iota of truth and meaning for fans when dirty money corrupts the players and referees. Unfortunately, in 2015, it’s hard to think of a sport left untouched by the spindly fingers of organized crime and match fixing.

Illinois Introduces Legislation To Regulate Daily Fantasy Sports

When Nevada banned daily fantasy sports last week, many believed it would be the catalyst for other states to either ban or attempt to regulate the growing industry.An announcement today from Illinois state Rep. Mike Zalewski confirms this,

Meet AirDog, An Action Sports Drone For Your GoPro Camera

Meet AirDog, an action sports drone for when a GoPro action camera alone isn’t enough. Read More

Fancred Gets $3M To Continue Building Social Network Just For Sports Fans

As a big sports fan, I know?fans love their teams with an unbridled passion and they may drive their friends who don’t share their view a little crazy by filling their social feeds with commentary on the latest game. For like-minded fans, this is great fun, but for your other friends,

Triller takes top spot in App Store after Trump threatens to ban TikTok

TikTok's troubles are an opportunity for Triller.On Sunday, Microsoft confirmed it's in talks to buy TikTok from Chinese parent company ByteDance. That came after President Donald Trump called for a ban on TikTok last week.Now Triller,

Google officially announces Pixel 4a and (surprise!) Pixel 5 with 5G

We all knew the Pixel 4a reveal was coming today, but Google made the wait worth it.?Google announced a trifecta of new Pixel phones on Monday: The 4a, the 4a 5G, and surprisingly, the Pixel 5, which also supports 5G. You can pre-order the Pixel 4a for an Aug. 20 release right now,

Samsung will give you $50 in credits if you reserve its new Galaxy smartphone

TL;DR: As of Aug. 3, you'll get $50 in instant credit when you reserve the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone directly through Samsung's website.?Samsung's upcoming virtual Galaxy Unpacked event is set to start streaming at 10 a.m. ET on Aug. 5,

Get a better night's rest with Allswell pillows — take 20% off with this code

TL;DR: As of Aug. 3, you can use the code "PILLOW20" to take 20% off all pillows and pillow cases at Allswell.?The summer heat has arrived, which means we're all constantly turning our pillows throughout the night to get to the "cool" side.

Stock up on these cheap school and office supplies from Amazon

TL;DR: As of Aug. 3, AmazonBasics school and office supplies are up to 20% off.It's back-to-school season and while a face mask might be at the top of school supplies lists, all the other essentials are still necessary. As of Aug. 3,

Google calls Pixel 4a 'helpful phone at a helpful price' in early listing

It's hard to believe, but Google is actually launching the Pixel 4a today. Well, probably: Numerous leaks indicate it, and an early listing of the phone at Australia's JB Hi-Fi all but confirms it.?The listing (via 9to5Google) contains a ton of information about the phone,

Survey reveals who's winning the delivery app wars: DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, many Americans went from eating at restaurants to ordering meals on their phones. A new survey reveals which delivery app they have been using.?Toast, whose software helps restaurants do everything from take orders to print bills, surveyed 707 U.S.

Daylight reveals the damage from Chile's 8.3-magnitude earthquake

More than one million people were forced to flee their homes in Chile late Wednesday night when a powerful earthquake toppled buildings and flooded several towns on the country's western coast.Eight people were killed. The 8.

CNN's ratings fall short of Fox News in endless Republican debate

The second Republican presidential debate appears to have easily set a ratings record at CNNBut it's not quite enough to top Fox News and its first debate, when the network scored 24 million viewersInitial overnight ratings from Nielsen showed that the second debate was another hit, logging a 14.

This epic 'Game of Thrones' fan theory about time travel is surprisingly plausible

Spoilers: Nothing too serious, but there a quite a few Bran Stark spoilers that you might want to steer clear of if you're not up-to-date with the books or the TV show.LONDON — It's likely to be another 10 or so years before George R.R. Martin actually finishes As Song of Ice and Fire,


快的與租車公司合作將提供豪華車服務挑戰Uber  新浪科技訊 北京時間7月7日晚間消息,獲得阿里巴巴(滾動資訊[1])投資的快的即將在中國提供豪華轎車服務,以提升營收,并挑戰美國打車應用Uber。  

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Docky開發商:Monkey?Taps更新日期:?2014年07月28日版本:?1.4評分:5?星(23?份評分)原價:8?元?→?限免中點擊跳轉至iTunes  Monkey?Taps?今天大概是人品爆發,一下子免了自家的三款屏幕?DIY?應用。

Every City Should Use Hydrophobic Paint That Shames Public Urinators?

If you've ever lived in a bar neighborhood, you know the smell. It's the stench of idiots peeing all over the walls, doors, and sidewalks of your street—and until now, there really hasn't been a solution.Read more...

美國安局為解密恐怖分子密碼 讓員工看色情片


Louis C.K. went to Russia in 1994 to find laughter after the fall of Communism

Louis C.K. — father of two, voice of a generation, noted overeater — was honored by storytelling organization The Moth earlier this weekIn typical Louis fashion, the comedian accepted his award with surprising grace, followed by a 10-minute story recounting a long,

A $25 Blood Test Could Detect Every Virus That's Ever Infected You?

Every time a virus gets you sick, your immune system keeps a record. This essentially becomes a kill list that lets your body recognize and readily dispatch of any virus that tries to invade again.

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