Doug the Pug lives like Justin Bieber for the day

Famous Internet dog Doug the Pug lives a more pampered life than most pups, but all of his fame and Facebook likes are minuscule in comparison to the celebrity status of Justin BieberSo following Doug's transformation into Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift,

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Google smart speakers secretly updated to listen for more than wake words

Google Home smart speakers, the company dryly warns in a note buried deep on a support page, can "incorrectly" record their users even when they haven't first said an activating wake phrase like "hey, Google." It just so happens that, at least for a brief period of time this summer,

With TikTok under attack, Snapchat tests in-snap music

Thanks to a perfectly timed new deal, Snap execs must be whistling a happy tune.Snap announced Monday that it's testing a new tool that lets users put their snaps to music. The feature comes thanks to new deals with record labels that let Snapchat users license songs in their Snap creations.

Wall of Moms faces allegations of 'anti-Blackness' from Portland community group

In response to the presence of federal agents at Black Lives Matter protests in Portland, a group of largely white moms, dubbed the Wall of Moms, organized to form barriers between demonstrators and federal agents.?From the group's first appearance at protests on the weekend of July 18,

California fire spawns towering, ashy clouds

When wildfires grow hot and large enough, they can spawn towering, smoky clouds.The Apple Fire burning in Southern California’s San Bernardino National Forest produced these big plumes, called pyrocumulus clouds, over the weekend. The new, active blaze has burned over 26,

This app helps minimize your food waste — Future Blink

The Kitche app sends reminders of the food you have to keep you updated and prevent unnecessary food waste.? Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Food Waste, Apps And Software, and Future Blink

TOCA's TOTO and QULO lubes changed my mind about CBD lube

TOTO and QULO, CBD lubes from TOCA$48View ProductThe Good200 milligrams of CBD per bottle ? Organic ingredientsThe BadYou need to wait 10-20 minutes for the full effect ? Spray bottle designThe Bottom LineTOCA lubes are an excellent choice for those who want to experiment with CBD lubes,

Shop deals on refurbished monitors to complete your WFH setup

Good news, WFH-ers. If you still haven't done yourself a solid and picked up a monitor to complete your new office setup, we've found four certified-refurbished ones on sale. You'll likely be working in your bedroom, living room, or other makeshift office indefinitely.

10 years after Hurricane Katrina, charities look back at lessons learned

Katrina Gay will never forget the hospitals she visited in Louisiana's Jefferson Parish in 2005. Patients' bodies, bleeding and bandaged, were lined up along the halls, lying in gurneys used as makeshift beds four rows deep. Only a narrow space was left among them,

Aerial images show New Orleans' recovery from Hurricane Katrina

In the final days of August 2005, Hurricane Katrina ravaged America's southern shores. In one of the greatest natural disasters in this country, more than 1,100 lives were lost and parts of New Orleans were destroyed.

There's nothing you can do about your crushing hangover

You can eat all the greasy food and guzzle all the water you want after a big night out, but it won't prevent hangovers and no one is immune from them, Dutch and Canadian scientists said.In a summary of their research released just after midnight on Friday in Amsterdam,

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【串哥報料】連鎖店長:想買 iPhone6 最好行遠D!

相信唔少抽唔中獎,排唔到 iReserve、又唔想捱炒價的真 iPhone 用家,呢個時間都準備向馮宅、白盧薈呢D連鎖店埋手,串哥今晚收工果陣就同某大連鎖店店長老友吹水,佢話呢一刻間間舖已經到哂貨,不過要買到就唔係咁易啦.

Essential Windows Phone apps to make your Valentine's Day perfect

Tomorrow is February 14th; a day filled with love and passion for that special someone in your life.

The FAA just proposed regulations for commercial drones

The Federal Aviation Administration proposed a new set of long-awaited commercial drone rules on Sunday. And it sounds like Amazon won't be making those drone deliveries any time soon.The new FAA rules would allow drones to fly during daylight when they can be seen from the ground by their pilots.



動手學習TCP:4種定時器 - 田小計劃


基于大數據的用戶行為預測在前端性能優化上的應用 - 沉默的老虎


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