Google officially announces Pixel 4a and (surprise!) Pixel 5 with 5G

We all knew the Pixel 4a reveal was coming today, but Google made the wait worth it.?Google announced a trifecta of new Pixel phones on Monday: The 4a, the 4a 5G, and surprisingly, the Pixel 5, which also supports 5G. You can pre-order the Pixel 4a for an Aug. 20 release right now,

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E is on sale for $70 off at Best Buy

TL;DR: Treat yourself to a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6" 16GB for just $129.99, a $70 savings as of Sept. 16.?In a world that is iPad-obsessed, we're here to show some love to the Android fans out there.?If you've been wanting a convenient tablet to have by your side,

Here's where you can pre-order the new Apple Watch Series 6 and SE

TL;DR: As of Sept. 16, you can pre-order the new Apple Watch Series 6 from Best Buy, Amazon, or Apple starting at $399. The cheaper Series SE, meanwhile, is available for pre-order exclusively at Amazon and the Apple Store starting at $279.2020 continues to surprise, but this time in a good way.?

Intense videos show Hurricane Sally hit the Gulf Coast hard

Hurricane Sally — one of a record number of storms that have formed so far in the Atlantic this year — is pummeling parts of the Gulf Coast.After intensifying into a Category 2 hurricane, Sally made landfall on the Alabama coast Wednesday morning.

Apple shows off new Apple Watches and iPads

Apple’s annual September event showcased two new watches ?– the Series 6 Watch and its cheaper Apple Watch SE.?New iPad releases included a 10.2 inch tablet with an A12 chip and a new iPad Air. Read more...More about Apple, Ipad, Air, Watch, and Release

Make movie night a little fancier with a projector screen on sale

TL;DR: Want to step up your outdoor movie nights? Take $50 off a well-rated Insignia projector screen at Best Buy, a 42% savings as of Sept. 16.?Movie nights feel even more special when you take them to the great outdoors (socially distanced, of course).

Samsung makes a TV that rotates for smartphone content, and it's on sale

TL;DR: The Samsung Sero, a 43-inch QLED TV that rotates to fit your content, is on sale as of Sept. 16: Save $300 and get a free $600 Samsung credit to apply toward another purchase.When contemplating the coolest phones of the late 2000s (something that one does often), the Razr comes to mind.

The Ninja specialty coffee maker is $20 off — bring the coffee shop to you

TL;DR: The Ninja specialty coffee maker is like having a whole barista station in your kitchen, and it's currently on sale at Amazon for $20 off.?There are many downsides to being stuck at home, and not being able to make your regular coffee shop runs as frequently as you're used to is one of them.

Samsung will give you $50 in credits if you reserve its new Galaxy smartphone

TL;DR: As of Aug. 3, you'll get $50 in instant credit when you reserve the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone directly through Samsung's website.?Samsung's upcoming virtual Galaxy Unpacked event is set to start streaming at 10 a.m. ET on Aug. 5,

Get a better night's rest with Allswell pillows — take 20% off with this code

TL;DR: As of Aug. 3, you can use the code "PILLOW20" to take 20% off all pillows and pillow cases at Allswell.?The summer heat has arrived, which means we're all constantly turning our pillows throughout the night to get to the "cool" side.

Stock up on these cheap school and office supplies from Amazon

TL;DR: As of Aug. 3, AmazonBasics school and office supplies are up to 20% off.It's back-to-school season and while a face mask might be at the top of school supplies lists, all the other essentials are still necessary. As of Aug. 3,



Maybe you consider yourself a maestro in the bedroom or a lion in the sheets or think that you don't

Maybe you consider yourself a maestro in the bedroom or a lion in the sheets or think that you don't need no stinking advice about sex. But do you really know what you're doing? Do you really have all your info right?

Pro-ISIS Group Kidnaps, Threatens to Kill French Tourist in Algeria

ALGIERS, Algeria — A splinter group from al-Qaida's North African branch kidnapped a French citizen and said Monday that it would kill him unless France halts its airstrikes against the Islamic State (ISIS) group in Iraq.In a video that appeared on social media,

Be Your Own Action Hero

It’s Action Hero Week on Gizmodo and IO9 right now; a fun look at at the the tough guys we all like to watch in movies and on TV. But you don’t have to watch that stuff and look on in envy, you can be one of those heroes. Here’s how. Read more...

WhatsApp and AT&T Fail to Keep Our Data Safe, New Study Finds

Concerned about NSA snooping? Better get rid of WhatsApp and AT&T. That, at least, is one takeaway from the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s annual “Who Has Your Back?” scorecard, which tells us which tech companies are doing a reasonabl job protecting user data,


如果不考慮性格,只說相貌本身的話。情況一:看一張臉次數越多,覺得越好看。這個現象叫做Mere exposure effect(單純曝光效應),社會心理學上有過很完整的研究。

Microsoft releases new Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile video, highlights dock and wireless

Continuum for phones, or the ability to run Universal Windows 10 apps on an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse setup (kind of) just like with a real PC, is one of the more exciting...The post Microsoft releases new Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile video,

The Internet is really confused about this dog with ham on his face

If there is one cardinal rule of the Internet, it's "look before you share."Some people learned this rule the hard way over the last week when they encountered evil genius and master troll Stephen Roseman, who shared a picture on Facebook of a dog with a caption:


在熱鬧的手機圈,不同品牌間擦槍走火、碰瓷營銷的事情時有發生,只是在這其中,中興的身影越來越少見了。它變得越來越小,也變得越來越慢。2016 年馬上過半的時候,中興終于宣布了今年的旗艦產品——AXON 7,它還有個散發著江湖氣息的中文名字,天機 7。

小米新旗艦機曝光:配置拉風 或主打拍照

據說在8月份,小米將召開一場發布會,屆時會發布旗下的旗艦新機。今天中午,有網友在微博上曝光了小米這款旗艦新機的配置信息,整體來說非常彪悍。配置方面,小米這款新機將采用友達的5.5英寸1080p OLED顯示屏,搭 ... ...

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