Stock up on these cheap school and office supplies from Amazon

TL;DR: As of Aug. 3, AmazonBasics school and office supplies are up to 20% off.It's back-to-school season and while a face mask might be at the top of school supplies lists, all the other essentials are still necessary. As of Aug. 3,

The Best PCs You Can Build for $300, $600, and $1200

Looking for a new computer? Lifehacker's got the guide you need to build the best one you can for however much money you have. Read on below to find out what you should buy. Read more...

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E is on sale for $70 off at Best Buy

TL;DR: Treat yourself to a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6" 16GB for just $129.99, a $70 savings as of Sept. 16.?In a world that is iPad-obsessed, we're here to show some love to the Android fans out there.?If you've been wanting a convenient tablet to have by your side,

Here's where you can pre-order the new Apple Watch Series 6 and SE

TL;DR: As of Sept. 16, you can pre-order the new Apple Watch Series 6 from Best Buy, Amazon, or Apple starting at $399. The cheaper Series SE, meanwhile, is available for pre-order exclusively at Amazon and the Apple Store starting at $279.2020 continues to surprise, but this time in a good way.?

Intense videos show Hurricane Sally hit the Gulf Coast hard

Hurricane Sally — one of a record number of storms that have formed so far in the Atlantic this year — is pummeling parts of the Gulf Coast.After intensifying into a Category 2 hurricane, Sally made landfall on the Alabama coast Wednesday morning.

Apple shows off new Apple Watches and iPads

Apple’s annual September event showcased two new watches ?– the Series 6 Watch and its cheaper Apple Watch SE.?New iPad releases included a 10.2 inch tablet with an A12 chip and a new iPad Air. Read more...More about Apple, Ipad, Air, Watch, and Release

Make movie night a little fancier with a projector screen on sale

TL;DR: Want to step up your outdoor movie nights? Take $50 off a well-rated Insignia projector screen at Best Buy, a 42% savings as of Sept. 16.?Movie nights feel even more special when you take them to the great outdoors (socially distanced, of course).

Samsung makes a TV that rotates for smartphone content, and it's on sale

TL;DR: The Samsung Sero, a 43-inch QLED TV that rotates to fit your content, is on sale as of Sept. 16: Save $300 and get a free $600 Samsung credit to apply toward another purchase.When contemplating the coolest phones of the late 2000s (something that one does often), the Razr comes to mind.

The Ninja specialty coffee maker is $20 off — bring the coffee shop to you

TL;DR: The Ninja specialty coffee maker is like having a whole barista station in your kitchen, and it's currently on sale at Amazon for $20 off.?There are many downsides to being stuck at home, and not being able to make your regular coffee shop runs as frequently as you're used to is one of them.

Google calls Pixel 4a 'helpful phone at a helpful price' in early listing

It's hard to believe, but Google is actually launching the Pixel 4a today. Well, probably: Numerous leaks indicate it, and an early listing of the phone at Australia's JB Hi-Fi all but confirms it.?The listing (via 9to5Google) contains a ton of information about the phone,

Survey reveals who's winning the delivery app wars: DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, many Americans went from eating at restaurants to ordering meals on their phones. A new survey reveals which delivery app they have been using.?Toast, whose software helps restaurants do everything from take orders to print bills, surveyed 707 U.S.

Redditor spots 'Legend of Zelda' ingredients in historical novel, author owns it

We've all done a quick Google search to check basic facts, but many of us forget to actually check what we've found.When you're a novelist, this speedy searching can be the difference between reality and fiction — and that's exactly what happened to Irish novelist John Boyne,

NUnit單元測試資料匯總 - 初行


Snowden: The NSA Is Setting Fire To The Future Of The Internet

Today at the SXSW conference, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden joined the event digitally to speak about mass surveillance. Since his revelations began to spill last summer, Snowden has been a lightning rod for discussion regarding the proper role of government, and how we handle privacy as a kind.

IHS:研究顯示亞馬遜Fire手機成本205美元 超過iPhone 5S

Fire中一項不同尋常的功能是動態視角(Dynamic Perspective)功能,用戶可以通過傾斜自己的頭部或手機來操控手機。該功能的基礎是Fire四個角的四個傳感器,它們用來判斷用戶與手機之間的相對視角。

Line 加入股票交易功能

在亞洲,即時通訊工具往往擁有各種各樣的功能:你可以在里面收發郵件、下載和玩游戲、購物、甚至打車。而今天 Line 在其應用中增加了一個令人意想不到的功能——股票購買。

Your Nest Protect Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter

It's been a tumultuous year for Nest's second product, Protect , a fire and CO alarm that's endured not only a halt in sales and recall , but also a price cut and return to the shelves . Yet in a low-key announcement today, Nest showed how powerful its product model can be:


三年前寫的,將就看吧,首先1 回答什么是全球變暖和氣候變化以及討論他們的意義,然后2 闡述人為氣候變化的危害,3對媒體放大的“騙局”事件經過進行闡述,事實是這只是一件很正常的學術透明和分享問題,并沒有任何數據是編造的,這件事情被學界最后仲裁為沒有造假。



Google guava 中的Monitor - 縱酒揮刀斬人頭

## synchronized自從Java提供了多線程編程,我們經常需要處理這樣的情況:在特定的時間,我們需要限制訪問,確保只有一個線程訪問我們的代碼。

Microsoft Store taking pre-orders for unlocked Surface 3 LTE tablets

Rumors about the Surface Pro 4 have been picking up steam lately as news leaks about a Microsoft hardware event scheduled for later this year. Not a lot is known about the device, and...The post Microsoft Store taking pre-orders for unlocked Surface 3 LTE tablets appeared first on WinBeta.

大學校園里的潮人經濟:Campus Chic想從街拍說起


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