Meet EventBot, a new Android malware that steals banking passwords and two-factor codes

Security researchers are sounding the alarm over a newly discovered Android malware that targets banking apps and cryptocurrency wallets. The malware, which researchers at security firm Cybereason recently discovered and called EventBot,

Amazon Prime Video to globally premiere 7 Indian movies as theaters remain closed

Amazon has secured rights to premiere seven Indian movies that were initially scheduled for a theatrical?release directly on its Prime Video on-demand streaming service in a move that has prompted two major movie theater?chains to express “extreme displeasure” and “disappointment.

TSMC to build a $12 billion advanced semiconductor plant in Arizona with U.S. government support

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.,the world’s largest contract semiconductor foundry, said today that it plans to build an advanced chip foundry in Arizona with support from the state and the United States federal government.

Immunai wants to map the entire immune system and raised $20 million in seed funding to do it

For the past two years the founding team of Immunai had been working stealthily to develop a new technology to map the immune system of any patient. Founded by Noam Solomon, a Harvard and MIT-educated postdoctoral researcher, and former Palantir engineer, Luis Voloch,

The new documentary ‘Spacedrop’ takes viewers inside a simulated space quarantine

“The first Asian Jew in fake space” — that’s how Josh Burstein introduced himself to me when we hopped on the phone earlier this week. The fake space in question is the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS),

Sony shows off first combination image sensor and AI chip

Sony has developed an interesting new hybrid technology: An image sensor with AI processing system built into the hardware, making it a single integrated system. The benefits and applications for this are potentially enormous as imagery and code continue to merge.

Why did Apple buy NextVR?

After plenty of talk about AR as the next computing platform, Apple may have more interest in virtual reality than they’ve previously forecasted. Following an April report from 9to5mac, today Apple confirmed the acquisition of VR broadcasting startup NextVR to Bloomberg.

Forerunner Ventures’ Kirsten Green demystifies the COVID-19 consumer

“In general, the consumer has proven to be more resilient than I would have thought,” said Kirsten Green, founder of Forerunner Ventures, which has investments in breakout D2C stars like Glossier, Hims and Bonobos.

Tesla to reduce price of standard range Model 3 in China

Tesla said it will reduce the price of its standard range Model 3 vehicle in China to meet the government’s new eligibility requirements for subsidies. This marks the second time this year that the automaker has reduced the price. Several months ago,

Tesla pushes Tesla Semi deliveries to 2021

Tesla is pushing back plans to produce and deliver its all-electric Class 8 until 2021, the company said in its quarter earnings report Wednesday. The move puts the Tesla Semi two years behind the automaker’s previous target. “We are shifting our first Tesla Semi deliveries to 2021,

Instagram ‘pods’ game the algorithm by coordinating likes and comments on millions of posts

Researchers at NYU have identified hundreds of groups of Instagram users, some with thousands of members, that systematically exchange likes and comments in order to game the service’s algorithms and boost visibility. In the process,

Les robes géographiques 地圖連衣裙

地圖連衣裙(Les robes géographiques)是法國藝術家 Elisabeth Lecourt (伊麗莎白)的一系列有趣的創意設計作品,把豐富、壯美的河山印在服飾上別致而又獨特,這其中也許還蘊藏著主動去探索世界和讓世界了解你的深厚內涵因為總覺得它不是看上去那么簡單,就連裙擺上的地圖構圖也是經過藝術家精心布置的。


“免費”了還有內購項目?這是歐盟委員會在近日對蘋果、谷歌等科技巨頭發出的提問。 問題主要集中在關于應用商店內,“下載”這個動作的文案描述上的爭議。

【遊日情報】半澤直樹鄉下!北陸新幹線 3 月 14 日開業 東京―金澤 最快 2 個半鐘

金澤市位於日本本州的中央,為石川縣的縣廳所在地。 第二次世界大戰時,金澤免受戰爭摧殘的命運,舊市街內的歷史街道被保存下來,被喻為「歷史都市」,還要是半澤直樹的鄉下呢。The post 【遊日情報】半澤直樹鄉下!

Jumpy Is An Open-Platform Smartwatch Just For Kids

A Taipei-based hardware startup called JoyRay wants to create a smartwatch for kids that won’t end up abandoned like the Velveteen Rabbit. Founder and CEO Jerry Chang, who was division head of Foxconn’s smartphone business before leaving last December,

微軟:Windows 游戲一次購買全平臺免費


Jimmy Fallon and Donald Trump go off script on 'The Tonight Show'

What happens when the nicest guy in late night meets the loudest mouth running for president?The loud mouth gets to talk a lot. I know, I know—color us all surprisedSee also:

A Streaming Camera on this RC Paper Airplane Lets You Ride Along

Admit it, when you were a kid, every time you launched a paper airplane you imagined what it would be like to actually pilot it. It’s been quite a few years since you were a kid, though, and it turns out the technology to realize such a fantasy finally exists.Read more...


10月16日消息,據國外媒體報道,在不久的將來,蘋果的iPhone和Apple Watch可能將能夠識別癲癇發作,并為病患呼救。  




中國杭州2015年12月21日電 /美通社/ --?2015年12月21日,杭州西奧電梯有限公司公布2015年度杭州西奧電梯十大新聞事件。 杭州西奧電梯2015年度十大新聞 公司活動:1、“面朝大海春暖花開”杭州西奧電梯2015年營銷年會隆重舉行 2015年3月9日-3月12日,以“面朝大海 春暖花開”為主題的杭州西奧電梯2015年營銷年會在廈門帝元維多利亞隆重召開。杭州市政府領導、中國電梯協會領導、西子聯合控股高管,與來自全國500余名合作伙伴共同相聚,暢談2015年前進的夢想,共敘深厚的合作情誼。

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