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The best grills to help you become a grill master

Serious grillers know that the barbecue season lasts all year. Summer is prime gill time, with parties practically every weekend. In the fall, the heat of the grill is not intensified by the heat of summer. By winter, grilling can become euphoric:

Here are the best gadgets of 2020 (so far)

We're somehow more than halfway through 2020 and well, it's been a wild ride. While I thought the coronavirus outbreak would slow down product releases, it was actually the opposite. Let's just say there was no shortage of devices. In fact, I'm still working through a backlog of gadgets to review.

Hamilton's hitting Disney+! Here are our top 5 moments

That's right, "Hamilton" is hitting Disney+ on July 3rd and there's plenty to be excited about. Here are our top 5 favorite moments Read more...More about Mashable Video, Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton Musical, Broadway Musical, and Disney

Best of the nice internet in 2020, so far

We're officially halfway through 2020 and it's, uh, not great, Bob! Between the global pandemic and the massive social unrest, many of us are left anxious without much to do but...stare at our screens and become more anxious.?In addition to being a hellscape,

Comedian Jim Tews’ mountain landscape isn’t that bad — The Bob Ross Challenge

In his return to painting, Jim Tews turns out one of the best paintings we have seen on The Bob Ross Challenge. Read more...More about Funny, Mashable Video, Podcast, Bob Ross, and Standup Comedy

The best apps for remembering that website you want to revisit

Some people look to wipe their web history as soon as possible. (Can't have anyone stumble across those adult websites you visited!) But what if you're the opposite? What if you're looking to hold onto that history?

This leather is made out of cacti — Future Blink

Desserto was designed to change the world of leather by being made from cacti and being partially biodegradable. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Vegan, Leather, Environmental, and Future Blink

This tiny cable can charge all of your devices — Future Blink

The inCharge6 is designed for charging on the go and works like a Swiss knife.? Read more...More about Tech, Iphone, Smartphone, Mashable Video, and Future Blink

'The Office' hairstylist Kim Ferry shares stories from her 'best job ever'

Superfans of The Office should know the name Kim Ferry.?Ferry is one of the great celebrity hair stylists in the entertainment industry, and for eight seasons she worked as a member of The Office's hair and makeup crew. She's the woman who perfected Pam's signature curls,

'Hyper Scape' brings satisfying parkour to the battle royale genre

Out of all the big battle royale games that have been released over the past few years, Hyper Scape is the most fluid.After playing a few hours of Hyper Scape during a closed preview on Tuesday ahead of the game’s reveal on Thursday,

These 7 camping stoves are on sale just in time for your weekend trip

Everyone knows food tastes better when it's cooked outside. But despite what you might've learned as a Boy or Girl Scout, a campfire can be a complicated endeavor — it blows smoke in your face, its open flame doesn't always cook evenly,

Brie Larson takes the 'Hot Ones' challenge from the comfort of her own home

The pandemic may have halted most TV and film production these past few months, but Hot Ones is making it work remotely. After kicking off season 12 with comedian Tom Segura last week, host Sean Evans walked actress Brie Larson through the hot sauce lineup from the comfort of their respective homes.

Cut out distractions with Sony noise-canceling headphones on sale

TL;DR: Buy the comfy Sony WH-CH700N wireless noise-canceling headphones on sale for $108 at Best Buy, as of July 2. It also comes with three free months of Tidal music streaming.?While we might not spend any time soon in crowded offices or airplanes,

Get things done hands-free with a Google Nest Hub Smart Display

TL;DR: Take control of your day without lifting a finger with the Google Nest Hub Smart Display for $89.99 at Lowe's a $40 savings. (But hurry: This sale ??only lasts through July 2.)If you are slowly but surely tranforming your house into a smart home,

Watch 'Hamilton' on Disney+ with one of these smart TVs on sale

TL;DR: As of July 2, Insignia Fire TVs are on sale for up to $50 off.Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Hamilton is coming to Disney+ July 3. In order to watch it, you'll obviously need access to Disney+ on your TV.

The Cubii Pro seated elliptical is on sale for the first time in a while

TL;DR: As of July 2, the Cubii Pro seated elliptical is only $299, a savings of $50.Home fitness equipment has been in fiercely high demand since gyms have been closed.But for folks whose home workouts only need to replace staircases at the office, battling other online customers for the last $1,

Transformers and 'Back to the Future' collide in a new toy and comic crossover

Back to the Future turns 35 on July 3. And as part of the celebration, we're getting an epic crossover.There's a new Transformers action figure coming, appropriately named Gigawatt, and its vehicle form is none other than Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown's flying DeLorean time machine.

Here are the 20 best tweets of 2020, so far

So far, 2020 has been one of the most unpredictable years in history. But through all the uncertainty, we've had one constant: tweets.We're now halfway through 2020 — yes, really — and Mashable is revisiting some of the best stuff we've seen online this year.?And despite, well, everything,

Charlize Theron is an immortal mercenary in action-packed 'The Old Guard' trailer

In the trailer for Netflix's The Old Guard, Nile (KiKi Layne) gets kidnapped by Andy (Charlize Theron) in what turns out to be the most intense job interview ever.Andy is part of the old guard — a phrase no one says in the trailer,

This Nintendo Switch bundle is in stock at GameStop, but won't be for long

TL;DR: This Nintendo Switch bundle is in stock at GameStop as of July 2, but it'll surely sell out soon — it comes with a Pro Controller, as well as three games in addition to the handheld console.People have been going absolutely nuts for the Nintendo Switch as of late,

Dark Sky mercifully gives Android users 1 more month until shutdown

Dark Sky has been sold to Apple, there's no changing that.However, Android users of the service will have one more month — until August 1 — before Dark Sky is gone.?"Service to existing users and subscribers of the Android app will now continue until August 1, 2020,

Restaurants face high fees from delivery apps. Uber buying Postmates will make it worse.

Nobu Shiozaw is determined to get customers his restaurant's homemade tofu and sushi without using delivery apps such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash, and Postmates.That’s not easy these days. Thanks to COVID-19, New York City banned restaurant dining in March. So Shiozaw,

'The Crown' has found its Princess Margaret for the final season

Netflix's The Crown is gradually rolling out the casting for its fifth and final season — and now we have a Princess Margaret.?

Google's cheap Pixel 3a is sold out and discontinued

If you were in the market for a cheap Pixel phone, your options just got narrower.?Google has confirmed to Android Police that it has discontinued the Pixel 3a.?"Google Store has sold through its inventory and completed sales of Pixel 3a. For people who are still interested in buying Pixel 3a,

The whitewashing of roller skating's online revival

Roller skating’s recent online revival swept across digital channels like a 1950s waitress at a drive-in diner.?Harkening back to images of romanticized Americana throughout the ages, the en vogue quad skating aesthetic that now dominates Tik Tok, YouTube,

Caroline Criado Perez and Tracy King on the gender data gap that's putting lives at risk

This article has been published to coincide with an episode of Mashable's new podcast, History Becomes Her. Listen here.Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez exposes the erasure of women in a world that’s been designed by men for men — and men alone. In this world,

Let night owls be night owls: How the pandemic could dethrone the larks

When the light starts to fade in the evening is when I start feeling it. A rush of heightened awareness, a palpable sense of increased IQ, like my brain is a Sim City growing on fast forward. Daytime's rural village of slow-talking neurons explodes into a bustling metropolis full of taxis,

How should 'Game of Thrones' have ended?

Welcome to Pop Culture Throwdown, a weekly column where Mashable's Entertainment team tackles the big questions in life, like what Star Wars movie is best and which superhero would win in a fight.This week, we asked each other (and all of you, on Twitter): How should Game of Thrones have ended??

Lin-Manuel Miranda gleefully spills backstage 'Hamilton' secrets during cast reunion

If you ever wondered how much drinking, swearing, and dancing goes on behind-the-scenes in Hamilton, then Kelly Clarkson is here to provide you with the answers.During a video call cast reunion on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Wednesday, ahead of the release of Hamilton on Disney+,

#BlackLivesMatter saw tremendous growth on social media. Now what?

Across the country and across the globe, a phrase boomeranged from the streets to social media and back again, over and over: Black Lives Matter.?For the 30 days since the police killing of George Floyd, the rallying cry had been mentioned more than 80 million times on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit,

Learn to make 3D video games — no coding experience required

TL;DR: Create your own 3D video game with The Complete GameGuru Bundle for $29.99, an 85% savings as of July 2.Every video game fan, at some point, has dreamt of making their own. It's just a fact. But, of course, there are quite a few obstacles to such a dream. Fortunately,

These little pods can help remove the gross stuff from your drinking water

TL;DR: Purify any tap water with a two-pack of GOpure's pod water purifier for $36.99, a 25% savings as of July 2.Staying hydrated can make a world of a difference — whether you're exercising, traveling, or even writing a report for work.

Be the talk of the water this summer with an over-the-top pool float

Tired: Swimming in a pool. Wired: Lounging atop a gorgeous inflatable float for hours on end.Swimming is hard to beat in the summer activity department. But pool floats remain a tried-and-true trend each year, as people search for fun, fanciful,

This fancy spice grinder could completely change the way you cook

TL;DR: Use one grinder for multiple spices with the FinaMill bundle that includes a spice grinder, tray, FinaPods, and batteries. As of July 2, you can grab it all for 20% off, making it just $43.99.

Learn to analyze and visualize data with Python during this $30 training

TL;DR: Sharpen your programming skills with The Complete Python E-Book and Video Course Bundle for $29.99, a 96% savings as of July 2.As 2020 has clearly shown us, nobody can actually predict the future. But there are some people who come pretty close, and their profession may surprise you.

Black activists explain why we need protests to change America for good

"Some people...think peace is the absence of noise and not the presence of justice," said Reverend William Barber II on Wednesday's episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

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