Amazon Prime Video to globally premiere 7 Indian movies as theaters remain closed

Amazon has secured rights to premiere seven Indian movies that were initially scheduled for a theatrical?release directly on its Prime Video on-demand streaming service in a move that has prompted two major movie theater?chains to express “extreme displeasure” and “disappointment.


本文講述了農產品產銷供應鏈的整個流程。 這篇文章將不再延遲之前的論調,搞點特殊,后續繼續承接之前的商業模式暢想 […]

New report shows all game streaming platforms except Microsoft’s Mixer saw massive growth in April

This stagnation in increasing eyeballs to its service during perhaps a time uniquely suited for its growth should be a concerning trend

Chris Evans breaks down how his DIY dog haircut went wrong, and the sad downside of The Sweater

Of all the bad quarantine haircuts, and there have been a few, Chris Evans' very good rescue dog Dodger copped one of the very worst from his well-meaning human. On Thursday night, Evans dropped into the Tonight Show to explain himself to Jimmy Fallon."I had done it once before,

生鮮淘汰賽,誰是大贏家?| 2020年中國生鮮電商市場年度綜合分析

2019年中國生鮮電商B2C市場規模穩步增長,達到5449.4億,其中傳統電商交易平臺仍是生鮮產品的主流銷售渠 […]


作為金融產品第二梯隊的領頭羊,我們來看看壹錢包是如何在產品中進行支付和金融的整合。同時希望通過壹錢包的產品分析 […]


本文作者將通過結合人的所看、所聽、所想,用最通俗易懂的方式來講講人工智能和AI思維。 顛覆互聯網思維的應該是A […]


本文主要介紹了數據指標體系,以及構建指標體系的相關方法和異常監控,希望通過此文能夠加深你對指標體系的認識。 一 […]


眾所周知,產品經理跟項目經理的崗位職責是有區別的,但在部分公司,產品經理在進行規劃產品的同時,偶爾也要擔負部分 […]


晚于日本 30 年之后才吹過來的中古奢侈品風潮并不是新東西,但對于國內而言,極高的奢侈品自有量、以及中古風潮的 […]


社交平臺依靠強大的流量“背書”,一直被外界極其看好;但社交電商裂變模式里的用戶和平臺有交易卻無黏性,后期獲客成 […]


本文將為大家分享筆者搭建一套新手用戶留存體系的項目思考,并從做這條體系的意義以及關鍵步驟展開說明,希望對你有所 […]

關于 SaaS 產品模塊迭代的復盤與感悟

本文主要圍繞筆者參與的SaaS產品中的「如何規劃并設計數據看板內容」展開,并復盤了整個歷程以及心得體會。 公司 […]


本文介紹了營銷中臺的定義以及搭建規范、必備營銷工具、數據管理平臺、數字化營銷大腦(DMP),與大家分享! 傳統 […]


對產品經理來說,了解技術相關基礎知識有助于理解需求的實現過程與原理,幫助與研發更好地溝通。而本文主要跟大家分享 […]

產品規劃 | 抓住五步,摸清一個行業

本文從了解基本商業邏輯、看行業全景圖、做行業環境分析、理解行業的營銷關鍵要素、了解行業的財務關鍵要素”這五個方 […]

TSMC to build a $12 billion advanced semiconductor plant in Arizona with U.S. government support

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.,the world’s largest contract semiconductor foundry, said today that it plans to build an advanced chip foundry in Arizona with support from the state and the United States federal government.


隨著人工智能、深度學習、虛擬形象、語音識別等新技術的應用在改善用戶體驗,對算力的消耗日漸增大,選擇一個可靠的S […]


作為一個用戶運營從業人員,我們對于用戶運營目的的定義是基于產品階段進行一系列的產品或運營手段,滿足用戶需求及完 […]


前兩天老王參加了一個面試,公司是做直播和短視頻的,相信大多數公司都在涉足這個領域。當時,面試官問了幾個問題,回 […]


本文介紹了產品經理工作時需要思考的維度:用戶、產品、數據、增長。 思考,真的是一件十分有趣的事情。 產品經理的 […]


好的營銷活動,不僅需要完善的方法論做基礎,還需要有相應的工具做支撐。做好自動化營銷,筆者認為需要關注兩個階段, […]

產品經理周報第 111 期|阿里推出Vlog產品“粗鹽”,愛奇藝推出“PAO”

早上好呀,又到每周周五的時候,明天終于可以雙休啦 而且現在又到了可以吃小龍蝦的季節啦,大家有沒有饞呢? 那我們 […]

畫音 :一個野心勃勃的熟人社交產品

本文介紹了畫音的入局和切入并展望了未來的社交產品。 畫音是一個野心勃勃的產品,因為他是第一個在熟人社交領域真正 […]

Immunai wants to map the entire immune system and raised $20 million in seed funding to do it

For the past two years the founding team of Immunai had been working stealthily to develop a new technology to map the immune system of any patient. Founded by Noam Solomon, a Harvard and MIT-educated postdoctoral researcher, and former Palantir engineer, Luis Voloch,

Amazon to sell its own face shields and this is normal now

Amazon is getting into the personal protective equipment (PPE) business.?In a Thursday blog post, Amazon vice president Brad Porter announced his company's plan to manufacture face shields — like the one pictured above — at scale. What's more, at some indeterminate future date,

You can now co-watch HBO with your faraway friends

Read more...{"player":{"description":"Hulu and chill? Amazon and chill? Vudu and chill??","image":"https://mondrian.mashable.com/uploads%252Fvideo_uploaders%252Fdistribution_thumb%252Fimage%252F93543%252Ffad2cc71-1190-41af-93bd-d19572bb6307.png%252F930x520.png?

Joy of joys, Facebook Messenger Rooms have arrived in the U.S.

It's the moment at least a couple people have been waiting for: Facebook Messenger Rooms have dropped.Mark Zuckerberg announced in a Facebook post Thursday that Messenger Rooms, the social media network's answer to Zoom, are now available to everyone in the U.S.,Canada, and Mexico.

How to download free ebooks and digital audiobooks from public libraries

On a typical day, public libraries would encourage you to stop by and browse its aisles, peruse its books, and maybe even borrow a few favorites from the circulation desk. But these are not typical times.?Nowadays with coronavirus, public libraries look more like meal distributors,

Futurists predict what your sex life may look like after the pandemic

The macro effects of the coronavirus impact are undeniable: Tens of thousands of lives lost, mass unemployment, life seemingly suspended in midair. But the pandemic's impacts have also rippled down to the minutiae of daily life, like social media behavior and messages on dating apps.

The new documentary ‘Spacedrop’ takes viewers inside a simulated space quarantine

“The first Asian Jew in fake space” — that’s how Josh Burstein introduced himself to me when we hopped on the phone earlier this week. The fake space in question is the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS),

Let this accidental pasta smiley face fill you with the smallest amount of joy

These days we'll take hope anywhere we can find it, and today, that hope comes from an accidental smiley face found in some pasta.On Tuesday, Matthew Burnside tweeted to announce that his wife had witnessed a miracle.

Sony shows off first combination image sensor and AI chip

Sony has developed an interesting new hybrid technology: An image sensor with AI processing system built into the hardware, making it a single integrated system. The benefits and applications for this are potentially enormous as imagery and code continue to merge.

How whipped coffee works, according to a scientist

You've probably seen Dalgona coffee all over your social media feeds. After one too many failed attempts to make the viral fluffy drink, I turned to a biochemist for answers. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Coffee, Dalgona, Whipped Coffee, and Viral Trend

Why did Apple buy NextVR?

After plenty of talk about AR as the next computing platform, Apple may have more interest in virtual reality than they’ve previously forecasted. Following an April report from 9to5mac, today Apple confirmed the acquisition of VR broadcasting startup NextVR to Bloomberg.

Amazon Prime Video releases Zoom backgrounds for 'Fleabag,' 'Maisel,' and more

Read more...{"player":{"description":"Zoom right into your virtual meeting with a fun background!","image":"https://mondrian.mashable.com/uploads%252Fvideo_uploaders%252Fdistribution_thumb%252Fimage%252F94607%252F89f1b314-4b44-42d0-b790-e0848e97b5ea.png%252F930x520.png?

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